Gen Proofreads : Testimonials

“Genevieve is the rare copy editor who is not only meticulous but insightful. In addition to finding every little itty bitty error in my manuscript (from flipped apostrophes to extra spaces between words) she was willing to offer advice on how certain passages might be strengthened or clarified. If my first novel, Cumberland, is a polished manuscript (and I think it is!) I have Genevieve to thank for that.” – Megan Gannon

“I have used Genevieve’s editing services many times. She has helped edit my artist statements, CV, and graduate school applications. I am always pleased with the fast turnaround, her level of professionalism and the quality of her work.” – Angela Drakeford

“Genevieve workshopped poetry and essays with me for years and always gave valuable feedback. She has a good command of the English language and catches grammatical errors that others miss.” – Fran Higgins

“Genevieve is a thorough proofreader and a creative editor. She’s reliable, easy to work with and energetic.” – Cat Dixon

“Genevieve is a brilliant writer. She is a self starter and needs very little direction. She completes all projects on time and with great professionalism, integrity and high quality each time. She is a rare gem and I am grateful to have worked with her on our intern team with Pranashama Yoga Institute.” – Dashama, CEO Pranashama Yoga Institute