Genevieve N. Williams holds an MFA from University of Nebraska, where she received two Academy of American Poets Prizes. She is a queer poet whose poetry won the 2017 Edward Stanley Award, was nominated for Pushcart Prizes and Best of the Net, and appears or is forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, NimrodThe American Journal of Poetry, and Mid-American Review, among other journals and anthologies. Her reviews appear in Hunger Mountain. She is a facilitator of writing workshops, a teaching artist, a writing consultant, and an adjunct English instructor.

One thought on “Bio

  1. i have often wondered where you went or what happened to you. Once upon a time it seemed you were everywhere in our lives. Am so happy, glad and proud that that that wonderful and funny little girl has grown up to be the wonderful young lady I always knew she was. May your happiness continue and know that you share many of my youthful dreams of yesterday and that I am so glad you have found the Genevieve I always knew was there.

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